Narrow Band Emergency

Message Service


The Pecos Valley Amateur Radio Club

NBEMS simply put is digital radio.  Many hams have used several forms of digital messaging for years on HF bands using modes such as Olivia and PSK31.  Several of us here in the Pecos Valley have begun practicing our skills using NBEMS and the reasons are twofold; 1, NBEMS provides an efficient means to convey messages of a possibly sensitive nature between served agency locations in a format they can utilize, and 2, it's fun!  In addition to passing text messages, we also provide a means for Command Staff to create formatted messages, save them to a server and then have a ham operator transmit the message to a receiving location where it can be saved to another server making it available for staff to read, save or print.  As of this writing, our focus has been on the set up and configuration of the software and the passing of text and formatted messages from one station to the group. 

Recently, we have held several informal digital nets and will continue to call occasional nets as time permits.  Check back to this page often as we will try to publish net nights at least several days in advance.  Nets will be held on the 444.550 repeater, (W5GNB).  The repeater is located just east of Roswell and requires a 162.2 Hz tone to access.  Also, be sure to check in on the nightly Yucca Two Meter Net on 147.320 MHz/146.2 Hz tone at 7:00 PM for digital net announcements.

Sending current weather information using Fldigi in plain text.

Sending a formatted IC-213 form using Fldigi and Flmsg.

If you think NBEMS sounds like something you might be interested in, go to our Links, Forms and Files page and download the document 'Getting Started With NBEMS' for more information.