PVARC VP Seeking Interested Hams For NBEMS

March 24, 2017


PVARC Vice President Jim Tucker, KB0QNW, is inviting all interested hams to join him and several others in the area to learn, practice and exercise digital communications and the Narrow Band Emergency Messaging Service or NBEMS.  Digital formats such as PSK31 and Olivia have been used by hams for decades on HF, but NBEMS techniques are particularly tailored for use on VHF/UHF frequencies and in noisy environments such as EOC's during a disaster or exercise.  The MT63 2000L digital protocol is a particularly robust format which employs error correction and is particularly useful for mic-to-speaker and speaker-to-mic techniques eliminating the need for an interface such as Signal Link or Rig Blaster. 


Anyone wishing to get involved in NBEMS can contact Jim at 575.209.9696.  In the meantime, if you'd like to learn more about NBEMS, visit www.arrl.org/nbems for an exhaustive tutorial on the subject.  Although several digital communications programs are available, a good choice is FLDigi and FLmsg which are available at Source Forge.

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