PVARC Voting Body Approves D-Star

May 27, 2018

Today's June business meeting saw a full house as the Pecos Valley Amateur Radio Club voted unanimously to purchase what will be Southeastern New Mexico's first D-Star repeater.  May is D-Star Infrastructure Month, and President Garry Blosser expressed the urgency of taking advantage of Icom's deep discounted price on a single band D-Star repeater system.  


For the month of May, Icom is offering it's package consisting of a single band repeater plus the RS-RP G3 Gateway Software for $1500.00.  If the club meets Icom's criteria within 90 days, they are eligible to receive a $1000.00 rebate leaving the total cost of the system at $500.00.  Gary Babcock, W5GNB, has offered site space on Comanche Hill east of Roswell along with a repeater frequency pair he had already had allocated for D-Star.  Dan Musgrave, (WD8RMG), has donated a computer for interfacing the repeater to the D-Star network.


Additionally, the club needs D-Star users to register on the club's repeater.  Anyone interested can contact President Garry Blosser at 575 420-0822 for more details.  Anyone interested in learning more about D-Star radio programming, or if you have insight to offer concerning D-Star operation and programming, meet at the PVARC headquarters Monday, May the 28th at 1:30 PM. 


As President Garry Blosser put it, "Everything has fallen into place on this".  Check back often to our News and Events page as we'll keep you updated on the progress of the installation.



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