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November Business Meeting of PVARC Includes Plans For 2019

November's meeting saw an average turnout of attendees as well as a full compliment of club officers. There was no shortage of great conversation and good ideas for the upcoming year. Among the planned events will be VE exam sessions on January the 12th, April the 13th and July the 13th, all on Saturdays. If you or anyone you know has been planning on getting their license or upgrading, call Garry at 575-420-0822 for details.

Also discussed were plans to conduct antenna building sessions throughout the winter months. Tape measure antennas as well as other home brew styles could be built for portable use on fox hunts, satellite work and go box use. Then, as the warmer months approach, fox hunts will be conducted including a promoted one where the public is invited hoping to stir up interest in the hobby. Club members were treated to viewing a YouTube video showing the Bullitt ARS club's annual fox hunt in Shepherdsville, Kentucky.

Also, it was reminded that club membership dues were due in October, so please see Gerald to see about becoming current.

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