ARES Members Encouraged To Take FEMA Courses

February 7, 2019

Public service agencies are moving more toward requiring volunteers to successfully complete FEMA ICS courses as a prerequisite for participating in drills and emergency events.  ICS or Incident Command System is a government mandated system of command which allows agencies across the country to operate in a universal, orderly hierarchy providing for improved interoperability and a smoother flow of command between agencies, volunteers, the public and other stakeholders.  It's important that volunteers involved with public service agencies during a drill or disaster gain at least a basic knowledge and understanding of the ICS structure and function.  Most FEMA courses are conducted online and are free of charge.  Baseline required course are ICS-100 and IS-700.  Upon successful completion of these two courses, the student may go on to take as many course as desired.  Prior to taking any FEMA course, the student must apply for a Student ID.  The student will be required to provide that ID number each time a course is taken. 



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