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PVARC Hosts Emergency Exercise As Operation Tin Can

The Pecos Valley Amateur Radio Club will be conducting an emergency exercise known as Operation Tin Can. The goal of the exercise is to attempt three modes of successful communications between numerous, critical locations across the city of Roswell were the need to arise. The modes will consist of simplex mobile, simplex portable, and mobile or portable using a local repeater. Additionally, the exercise should identify any issues inhibiting effective communications between any of the locations giving us an opportunity to alleviate those inefficiencies for future use.

Operation Tin Can will take place on Saturday, October the 26th. Participants are asked to assemble at the PVARC headquarters located at 403 N.Richardson in Roswell at 0830 hours for briefing and post assignments. Upon completion of the exercise, participants will meet at Los Cerritos Mexican Restaurant for an after action meeting and debrief.

A full description of Operation Tin Can is available here, and participants are encouraged to sign up for the event at ARES CONNECT.

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