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Fox Hunt Fun For Many Hams

NOTE: This article contains corrections from the original posted 5-15-2021. Saturday's fox hunt got underway as teams began leaving PVARC headquarters around 10:00. Teams consisted of Merideth, KE5COL, Rich, W5IAY, Roy, WS5A, Leland, KE5WPI, David, KC5OEH, Roger, W5RKA, Kelly, KF5ZNJ and Dan, WD8RMJ. Gerald, W0COX was the fox control, hiding the tiny transmitter near the J. Kenneth Smith Bird Sanctuary on Sycamore Street. Gerald also had the small VHF beacon signal fed into a dual band radio acting as a crossband repeater on the 70cm band allowing teams to get a general fix on the area.

Team 3, consisting of Kelly and Roger, located the fox first at 2 hours and 20 minutes into the contest and were declared the winner. Team 1, consisting of Rich and Merideth, were next to locate the target at the 2 hour and 29 minute mark.

Thanks to all who participated to make the event fun and successful.


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