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Scouts and Cadets Enjoy JOTA

The largest scouting event in the world happens each third full weekend of October, and this year's JOTA, or Jamboree On The Air, was joined by participants from local Cub Scout dens. New Mexico Military Institute cadets served as mentors as they lead scouts on a 'fox hunt' where small transmitters are hidden, and the 'hunters' must use hand held radios with specialized techniques and directional antennas to hone in on the transmitter's signal.

Additionally, scouts were given the opportunity to make two way radio contacts with local stations through VHF repeaters as well as stations in other states using HF frequencies.

This year's local JOTA activities were organized and conducted by NMMI staff members and PVARC members including Ted Smith, (KF5LZT), Dan Musgrave, (WD8RMG) and Frank Kimbler, (WS5DZZ).


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