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Who Says Hobby Has To Take Away From Family Time?

Gerald Cox, W0COX, has been an avid ham and member and officer of the Pecos Valley Amateur Radio Club for many years, but cherishes his family time as well. Gerald, his wife Lori and their daughter Laci enjoy taking bike rides together across Roswell. Laci is blind, but that doesn't stop the trio from enjoying the outdoors together, nor does it stop Gerald from working HF along the way. He does so from a bicycle mounted Yaesu FT-891 running 100 watts into a Yaesu ATAS120 screwdriver antenna. The radio is powered by a Bioenno 12 Ah battery. That's in addition to a separate 20 Ah battery to power the 1000 watt electric assist motor for the Worksman trike. Gerald recently made a POTA contact, from the tricycle mobile, with K0DVP at park number K4566 California National Historic Trail.

Laci had a love for bike riding instilled at a young age when she would ride in a child seat mounted to her dad's bike. From there, she grew into a bicycle trailer. When she became too big for the trailer, Gerald considered several options including a rickshaw, but decided to go with the three wheeler. He says adding the electric assist had made a huge difference in the distance and time they can endure on a ride.

Gerald's wife Lori rides a separate two wheeled Schwinn, also with a 1000 watt electric assist motor. Gerald converted both cycles to electric drives himself.


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