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Most of the listed repeaters can be accessed from the Roswell area.  If any of the information

is known to be outdated or otherwise incorrect, email

Repeaters highlighted in like colors are typically linked.


146.610    100.0    CAPITAN MTN    W5YFN

146.660    67.0      CAPITAN MTN (MEGALINK)

146.940    123.0    ROSWELL
146.960    100.0    WEED    
146.980    100.0    BUCK MTN    K5RIC
147.120    88.5      DARK CANYON (WEST TEXAS CONNECTION)    
147.140    67.0      MALJAMAR (MEGALINK)    NM5ML
147.220    100.0    ALAMO PEAK    
147.220    127.3    HOBBS    K5INW
147.260    100.0    ROSWELL (MEGALINK)    NM5ML
147.280    123.0    LOOP (EDDY COUNTY)    K5CNM
147.300    123.0    QUEEN    K5CNM
147.320    146.2    ROSWELL (COMMANCHE HILL)    W5ZU
147.340    100.0    JAMES RIDGE    
147.360    123.0    LOVING    K5CNM
147.380    123.0    HOPE    K5CNM
442.450    162.2    12 MILE (EDDY COUNTY)    K5CNM

444.150    162.2    HOBBS    N5LEA

444.250    100.0    JAL    N5LEA
444.275    162.2    HOBBS   
444.350    162.2    KBIM TOWER   N5LEA  ECHOLINK NODE 281850
444.375    67.0      BUCK MTN. (MEGALINK)    NM5ML

444.400  DMR CC1 TS1 TG 31350 BUCK MTN

444.550  162.2   ROSWELL (COMANCHE HILL) W5GNB

444.950  DMR CC1 TS1 TG 31350 ROSWELL
444.975    156.7    ARTESIA    W5COW



If you know of a net that can be joined from the Roswell area, let us know about it and we'll post it here as well.

The Yucca Two Meter Net is held each evening at 7:00 PM on the 147.32 repeater located on Comanche Hill east of Roswell.  The repeater requires a 146.2 Hz tone to access and can be reached from pretty much anywhere in Chaves County and northern Eddy County.  The net is open to all interested hams.

The Permian Basin ARES net meets each Wednesday at 8:00 PM Mountain time or 9:00 PM Central time on the West Texas Connection.  From the Roswell area the WTC can be accessed via the 444.975 repeater east of Artesia which requires a 156.7 Hz tone.  In certain areas of Roswell and southern Chaves County it may be easier to access the WTC system through the 444.350 machine (162.2 Hz tone), or even the 147.120 (88.5 Hz) located in Dark Canyon.  This is an open, controlled net and includes a roundtable after initial check-ins.

Monday nights at 7:00 PM Mountain, the Lea County Amateur Radio Net meets on the West Texas Connection and is open to all hams.

The New Mexico Department Of Health net is called each Friday morning at 9:00 AM on the Mega Link system.  From the Roswell/Chaves County area four NM5ML repeaters can be accessed; 147.26 (100.0 Hz) located east of Roswell, 444.375 (67.0 Hz) on Buck Mountain, 146.660 (67.0 Hz) Capitan Peak and 147.14 (67.0 Hz) near Maljamar.

The Southern Baptist Relief net meets Saturday nights at 8:00 also on the Mega Link and is open to all interested hams.

The Sacramento Mountains Radio Club holds a weekly net each Saturday night at 7:00 PM.  Be sure to join the net on any of the following linked repeaters:  147.22 on Alamo Peak, 147.34 in James Canyon, 146.96 near Weed and the Buck Mountain 146.98.  All repeaters have standard offsets and all require a 100 Hz tone to access.

The Lea County Amateur Radio Group and the Permian Basin Amateur Radio Association team up for a net each Thursday night at 7:00 PM Mountain/8:00 Central on the West Texas Connection which includes the 444.350 repeater located on the KBIM tower.  The 444.350 requires a 162.2 Hz tone to access.


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