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Welcome to the Pecos Valley Amateur Radio Club's D-Star page.  It's brand new and will be growing and expanding as we gather information.  There'll be links to resources within the D-Star community as well as site specific info to enhance your amateur radio experience in the Pecos Valley.  We wish to thank Gary and Nathan Babcock for their insight and help in getting the repeater on the air.  We'd also like to extend a very special thanks to Ed James, KA8JMW, for his tremendous contributions to the D-Star community and to the W5ZU D-Star project.

View or download the bank settings for using the W5ZU D-Star repeater in PDF format.

View or download Ed's entire D-Star presentation in Power Point format.

Ed James presenting D-Star tutorial at the PVARC's August business meeting.  Thanks to Tom and Rix Lewis for the video.

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