Pecos Valley

Amateur Radio Club



The annual Reindeer Run is scheduled for Saturday, December the 7th, and the Pecos Valley Amateur Radio Club needs your help as monitors.  The race will begin at 0900 at the Roswell Adult Center.  Please click the link below for a detailed map.  If you can help, contact Jim Tucker, (KB0QNW), at 575.208.9696 for a station assignment, or arrive at the PVARC headquarters between 0800 and 0815 for vehicle signs.  Participants are encouraged to sign up at ARES Connect.




Additional details

     *Net Control will be KB0QNW


     *PVARC primary tactical frequency will be 147.320 MHz/146.2 Hz tone.

     *PVARC alternative tactical frequency - TBA

     *SAR tactical frequency - 155.235 or 460.250 (crossband repeat)

     *Wear high vis green outer garment.

     *Park safely and completely off roadways.

     *Carry extra water onboard.

     *Be safe.

     *Have fun.


*BE SAFE - Always park and stage in a manner where you and your vehicle are clear of traffic flow.  Situational awareness is important.  Our primary objectives are our safety and the safety of the runners.

*BE COURTEOUS AND PROFESSIONAL - You not only represent the Pecos Valley Amateur Radio Club, but Amateur Radio as a whole.  Dress neatly in high visibility green colors, preferably a PVARC uniform T or polo shirt or plain HV green shirt.  Always display the PVARC magnetic signs on your vehicle, and make it a point to stand outside of your vehicle and be seen unless physical or medical conditions prohibit.

*EQUIPMENT - Always carry some drinking water with you.  Stay hydrated and be prepared to share a bottle with a runner who may need it.  First aid kits are optional but encouraged.  Binoculars are also helpful for filling visual contact gaps on long stretches.

*RADIOS - Be sure to ops check your radios at least a day prior to the event to assure dependable service.  When possible, have a backup radio on hand, and have a backup battery for handhelds.  Also, be sure you have the backup frequency, (if applicable), easy accessible in the event of primary frequency malfunction.

*TRAFFIC CONTROL - Directing traffic by our club members is discouraged, however, if you are in a position where stopping traffic is necessary, do so with the utmost of care and caution.  Wear high visibility colors and use a whistle, HV colored hand flags and/or high intensity strobe light to gain the attention of motorists.  When possible, always work in pairs at high volume street crossing such as Union and Sycamore.  Always be prepared to get out of the way if it's apparent a driver has no intention of yielding.  Get as many descriptors of the driver and vehicle as possible, including license plate number, and call it in immediately.