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Chaves County ARES/PVARC Participates in WEA/EAS Test

The Federal Emergency Management Agency along with the Federal Communications Commission conducted a nationwide test of the Wireless Emergency Alert system along with the Emergency Alert System. All cell phones were to receive a test message at 1218 hours MDT. Broadcast stations were to broadcast a test announcement at or about the same time. Amateur Radio operators across the country were called upon to assist in the test by monitoring various radio and television broadcast stations in their area, and then reporting the results to appropriate officials in their jurisdictions. The Pecos Valley Amateur Radio Club along with Chaves County ARES participated with six hams checking in to a special 12:00 Noon net called by Jim Tucker, (KB0QNW). Participating hams were assigned one to three broadcast stations to monitor simultaneously, then report to Net Control as to whether the station successfully conveyed the test tone and message. Net Control Operator then compiled the data into an Excel spreadsheet form before e-mailing it to the coordinator at the Santa Fe EOC where it would again be re-formatted and forwarded to the appropriate agencies. The results were also forwarded to the Chaves County Emergency Manager. A special thanks goes out to those hams who participated, Jeff - KD5RHQ, Roy - WS5A, Rick - KD1EZ, Dan - WD8RMG, Jim - KB0QNW and Peter - KG5LFO. A complete report is available at this link.

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