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PVARC Club Members Discuss Prospects For New Venue

The Pecos Valley Amateur Radio Club's current meeting place has been suffering the woes of age as the building's systems have begun needing more and more costly repairs and upgrades. That has made it necessary to explore other options for a place to hold meetings. The PVARC conducts monthly business meetings, VE testing sessions, training classes as well as other scheduled and non-scheduled operations from the current facility at 403 N. Richardson in Roswell.

Since the club received word of the imminent eviction, members have been actively seeking an alternative location to conduct their volunteer activities from. Beau Perez, a long standing member of the club, made arrangements recently to meet with Eastern New Mexico University - Roswell President Shawn Powell to discuss the possibility of the club meeting on campus. Shawn is a licensed amateur radio operator and knows first hand the importance of the service and it's members. It was noted that since the PVARC is a 501c3 and provides a public service to the community, the college may be able to provide a meeting place for a nominal fee. Those activities include augmenting standard communications means during an emergency, providing Skywarn ground truth observations during severe weather events and monitoring various events such as races and marathons. The club also has several ARRL qualified trainers who offer their services teaching prospective and current hams in various aspects of the hobby.

Club members were given a tour of the ENMU-R campus and various possibilities were discussed at to how the club's needs could be met as well as how the club could be an asset to the college. President Powell concluded by saying he would present the information and the proposal to his colleagues to determine any further direction.

L to R - Garry Blosser, Dan Musgrave, Roy Frazor, Beau Perez, Shawn Powell, Kelly Keith. Not pictured - Jim Tucker

PVARC club members and Pres. Shawn Powell discuss options with IT Supervisor Keegan Bain.


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